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Danger Zone

Smoke and Corona, watch out!

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13.765421419218, 100.47242995

Young Asparagus Field

This asparagus field is actually producing edible asparagus even though the field is less than one year old.

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Organic green asparagus

17.797130955599, 98.964874595404


Nice garden bean mix

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17.7974145, 98.9647527

Puang Manee Garden

Nice durian garden

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12.521133764345, 102.15127944859

A lot of Vegan Restaurants

The city of vegan restaurants Chiang Mai.

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18.790876, 98.988048

Lek & Greg Vegan Camp

Nice little camp. We grow what we eat and eat what we grow. We even eat our fence.

Visit the vegan camp web site:

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Lek & Greg Vegan Camp

17.79733897463, 98.96514415741

Tree Ripened Mango

We might have some again during March or April. High seson would be May and June.

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17.79728789766, 98.965240734558